You man, are a dreadful disease!

Pursue with caution; I wish…

Break the shackles and chains and run away;

Has been your motto, always.

Restrained and cautious is me, always afraid of risk.

Your wit and charm makes me no’

Want to proceed with caution but adapt to your policy….

The free spirit in me whispers; ‘let’s be reckless; let loose…’

But wait…

I’m feeble hearted, never a champion at this.

I just hope you won’t be the landlord but the tenant of my heart.

Proceed with caution, please you man! Don’t lead me to a hanging.
Your laughter?

Your smile?

Your character?

Your charisma?

Your gait?

Your garment or scent?

What is it that makes me so attached?

It’s suffocation when you disappear,

Resurrection at your reappearance.

Well groomed simpleton, your folks must have been supreme beings,

Passing their charms on to you.

Possess you do, a bewitching smile exposing your snow white teeth, perfect.

Your hands, rough as brick wall…would ensure an act of obeisance from any village or town girl.

…the bite of crisps…

Where did you come from?

This demure of shyness is but a shadow of the individual;

Shows no sign of racism day and night, black or white it will always be a dark pigment…

Loyal isn’t it? Follows you come rain or sunshine, snow or summer, spring and autumn… Throughout all seasons.

Now that’s what I have become, enslaved in my thoughts of you…

Perplexed by the works of you…

Ensnared by your hue; handcuffed by the shape of you…

God! This love would be the death of me!

Damn you! You man!


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