Poem0010: Wasted.

I saw the fire smoulder, I was bitter.

It had scorched all of my sweet memoirs.

Profusely for days I cried

That unnecessary one thing we always hold on to.

Even when it’s evident you’re on the wrong side of a bad karma.

Those mooshy mooshy moments that always,

Leave the heart with severe urges abreast much pain.

It steered my life to uncertain directions.

I kept yearning and wanting

Hoping perhaps, maybe, you would last longer.

A desire I have grappled with since Adam.

The places I traded just to be with you!

A brighter star shone on you, 

And what I dreaded happened.

You decided to follow its rhythm.

So easily, like you were almost puking.

It pierced my heart by a double edged sword.

And left me to pieces. I cried, girl I cried!

Till my wells dried up.

The sun rose and set, not on me.

Time passed and what I thought was love paned away.

It was all vanity, chasing the wind.

An insult to my intelligence.

How much I wasted!


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